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You have lost a tooth and need to replace it? A bridge is one of the solutions you could look into.

The bridge is permanently attached to your other natural teeth and lets you replace the missing tooth.

There are different types of bridges and certain conditions are required for this method of replacement. In order to assess the specific needs pertaining to your case and to help you make the right choices for your condition and your objectives, trust the Dental Health Centre.

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  • Esthetic dentistry

    Your health is the reflection of your well-being; feeling good in your mind and in your skin. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to find...

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  • Gingival Graft

    A gingival graft is an effective procedure that can help increase or strengthen gum support of one or multiple teeth.

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  • Family dentistry

    Because what’s important to you is also important to us, we take care of your entire family. At the Dental Health Centre, we offer...

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  • Complete examination

    When you come in for a complete examination, you will be greeted by the dental hygienist. She will take the time to talk with you to...

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  • Treatment of bad breath and gum disease

    Bad breath is not always caused by what we eat. If you present with this type of symptom...

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  • Crown

    There are several types of materials and techniques available to restore teeth and it’s easy to get lost with all these options...

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  • Surgery (wisdom teeth)

    The third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, can sometimes be ill positioned and have consequences on your oral and dental...

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  • Root Canal

    Also called endodontic treatment, this procedure consists of cleaning and decontaminating the center of a tooth with...

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  • Orthodontic services

    Badly positioned teeth can be the source of many ills, such as chewing problems and joint pain. They can also repress the urge to smile.

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  • Whitening

    You have good hygiene, you are diligent with regard to brushing and flossing, but you nevertheless feel your teeth are...

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  • Bridge

    You have lost a tooth and need to replace it? A bridge is one of the solutions you could look into. The bridge is permanently attached...

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  • Prostheses (dentures)

    At the Dental Health Centre,we can offer you a removable partial denture service to replace one or several missing teeth. In some cases...

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